Welcome to Citrix Hypervisor ® 8.2.0

Thank you for using Citrix Hypervisor. This page contains information about the Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.0 release.

Citrix Hypervisor

For information about Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.0 release, see the Citrix Hypervisor Product Download page.

For information about getting started with Citrix Hypervisor and for links to product documentation and other useful resources, see Citrix Hypervisor Product Documentation.

To access Citrix Hypervisor Developer documentation, see Citrix Developer Documentation.


XenCenter is the graphical Windows-based user interface for Citrix Hypervisor.

To download and install XenCenter, see the Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.0 Product Download page.

To access XenCenter documentation, see XenCenter Product Documentation.

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